• Middle East


    Seventy Years of the State of Israel

    Cultural, History, Politics, Special Interest Jan 01 - Jan 01

    September 8-16, 2018 More than 70 years ago, the State of Israel was founded. But its history goes back more than 5,000 years, and even now, its future promises many difficulties. On this nine-day itinerary, travel with experts from The New York Times, a leader in its evenhanded coverage of Read more >>

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  • North America


    D.C. Politics: California’s Capital Presence

    Education, History, Politics, Special Interest, Specialty Jan 01 - Jan 01

    September 22-26, 2019 As dramatized in “The West Wing,””Scandal” and “House of Cards,” the U.S. political system is teeming with twists and turns, heroes and villains and scandals. But as Hollywood presents seductive fictional stories, the state of California is creating a new narrative on how state government can shape, Read more >>

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  • Africa


    Egyptian Perspectives: Ancient to Present

    Education, History, Politics Jan 01 - Jan 01

    November 11-21, 2019 Among the most striking features of early-Egyptian painting are a subject’s eyes: never painted looking straight out at the viewer, but rather in profile, looking to one side or the other. Were those eyes looking at what has already happened or what is to come? Geographically and Read more >>

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