Many different types of organizations become ATA’s partners in travel.

  • Conservation groups rely on ATA to connect their important stakeholders with their projects in the field.
  • Alumni organizations ask us to design travel programs around a super star faculty member.
  • Professional associations engage our services for professional counterpart exchange.
  • For-profit organizations seek us out to strengthen their brand through travel.
  • Families invite us to help them make the most of their most precious resource—time spent together.
  • Authors choose ATA to build their fan base by bringing their literary work alive on tour. In all cases, ATA works collaboratively with you to customize an exciting travel program that will fulfill your goals.

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Our Partners

At Academic Travel Abroad, Inc., we have one mission: to create unparalleled, educational travel programs to satisfy sophisticated and curious travelers. For over 60 years, we have created unique and original travel programs for a wide variety of our esteemed partners.


Donor Cultivation

Donor Cultivation Travel seeks to bring together the mission, fundraising goals, and key donors of an institution by providing a unique, highly...


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