• ATA Attains Highest Sustainability Ranking

    August 29th

    Respecting other cultures, treating employees well, giving back to communities in which we work, conserving resources, educating, preserving and building bridges—these have all been a part of what we do and what we believe in at Academic Travel Abroad for over 66 years.  So while the term “sustainability” has only been widely associated with protecting our planet in the past 20 years or so, ATA has been walking the walk for its entire life.

    In 2010, we realized that we should let the public know that we have always believed in and acted in accordance with all the tenets of sustainability.  We worked with Sustainable Travel International (STI) to become eco-certified, thereby proving through metrics and documentation, that ATA is indeed a highly sustainable organization.  We earned our Bronzed STI certification later that year.

    In 2015, STI discontinued their certification program.  ATA, remaining committed to our sustainability practices, researched alternative certifications and selected EarthCheck, a body that has been approved by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council and is based in Brisbane, Australia.  We are delighted to announce that, after several months of work and compiling data, ATA attained the highest ranking—5 Earths from the EarthCheck Evaluate program.  Once again, we have proven our commitment to caring about our planet, its cultures, its peoples and its future.

    Learn more about ATA’s commitment to sustainability and philanthropic efforts.