What we do


8-thingsWe learn about you.

The first step we take in planning a travel experience is to learn all we can about you, as a traveler, a travel planner, a development professional or leader in your organization.  We are expert listeners, and we need to understand who you are and what you and your members are interested in before we start planning a program.  We need to know their destination preferences; their expectations in terms of standard, price and inclusions; their need to be independent or fully scheduled; their desire for a high or milder level of activity, etc.  In the absence of existing data, we recommend and can facilitate an electronic survey of your members or donors to better address their needs and desires.  Then we work to create a travel program that meets your organization’s vision, mission and needs, enhancing the affinity your members and donors feel to you and all that you represent.

We let our experts loose!

With an average of 10 years each in the educational travel business, our team of travel planners meticulously plan every program, starting with the best time of year, the ideal duration, the appropriate accommodations, the right vendors with the best track record, and all the special elements that make the experience unique and unavailable to the general traveling public.

We apply our extensive resources.

When you travel with Academic Travel Abroad, you reap the benefits of our extensive network of global resources, both in academia and the hospitality and travel industry. Because our contacts span the globe, we ensure that you enjoy the most in-depth and hassle-free travel experience. From Beijing to the British Isles, St. Petersburg to Seville, our trusted resources abroad allow us to offer you behind-the-scenes access at private collections, museums, universities, galleries, and embassies. Hoteliers, concierges, and restaurateurs with whom we share long-standing relationships make your logistics seamless and your travel experience superior.  We set high standards for all our suppliers; requiring a high level of creativity, an emphasis on value and reasonable prices, a keen attention to detail, speedy responses, and fine emergency management experience from all of them.

We plan thoroughly.

Details abound in the planning of top-notch travel programs. Taking into account likely weather patterns, making sure sites are open when we plan to visit, ensuring the availability of the best guides and speakers, documenting each confirmation and re-re-reconfirming every visit before arrival, planning contingency and back-up options, briefing our leaders on each day, hour and minute of the itinerary, and fully equipping each leader with the tools they need to handle any eventuality while out on the road.

We hire the very best leaders.

Our program leaders are some of our favorite people!  They are the ones who make all our hard work come to life. We entrust them with all the details, equip them thoroughly, and off they go!  They have the organizational skills of the best event planners, the people skills of the top diplomats, the problem-solving talent of the best crises managers.

We stand ready to assist.

Once the program is on the road, we have 24-hour emergency service and are there should you need us. No matter how well-planned a trip is, unexpected events can throw a wrench into smooth operations. We are skilled crisis managers. Every package we put together includes emergency evacuation insurance.

We gather feedback.

We are hungry for your input on how things went!  We want to know about the highlights and how we can improve.

We strive for perfection!

We set out to exceed your expectations.  Our ultimate goal: absolute perfection.