Thank you for your interest in Academic Travel Abroad. Please take a moment to watch our short corporate video below.


We are an educational travel provider for some of this country’s most prestigious organizations. We are a study abroad provider for undergraduates universities across the United States. We are a donor cultivation travel expert. We are a professional delegation organizer and association travel manager. We are an eco-certified company that donates time and money to philanthropic organizations around the world.

With an identity as unique and complex as ours, here’s what makes us stand out as a cohesive company: We love what we do. Whether we are sitting (or standing!) at our desks or out on the road, we travel to a myriad of countries every day—researching, exploring, connecting, and speaking languages from Italian and French to Arabic and Mandarin. Every one of our staff has a deeply-rooted respect for culture, for nature, for people. We have no patience for the cursory, the superficial. We want to go deep. We want to be immersed. We want to grasp the nuances. We want to change perspectives, deepen understanding, and engage communities.

We invite you to travel with us. On every one of our travel programs, travel deeper.

Our Mission Statement

To create unique, enriching experiences for intellectually curious adults and students, to consistently exceed the expectations of our clients, to provide stimulating careers and a caring work environment to our employees, to maintain our industry leader status through innovation and quality, to contribute meaningfully to our world, our field and the community in which we work, to excel in fiscal management in order to ensure our organization’s profitability, long-term growth and success.

Our Vision

To increase global understanding through travel and education.

Our Values

  • Integrity. We approach our work with honesty and sincerity. We show our cards face up on the table, and when we’re wrong, we say we’re wrong.
  • Learning. Our company is founded on the belief that individual learning and personal growth are powerful agents of change. We foster learning for students in our programs, for travelers in our trips, and for staff in every project we take on.
  • Respect. There is no greater path to improving our world than the cultivation of mutual respect. Whether we’re standing at a cultural relic or engaging in a heated discussion at a conference room table, we respect cultures, opinions, and choices.
  • Quality. A glossy brochure is never what keeps customers coming back. Our focus is on what we deliver. Our impeccable service is topped only by our obsession with how to make things even better.
  • Partnership. True partnership is a two-way street. The best ideas come from exchange, debate, and teamwork. We love to collaborate, and our partners do, too.
  • Passion. We love what we do. We believe that learning through travel is an enriching, life-changing experience, and our passion for global education motivates us, guides us, and fuels us…every step of the way.

Our Credo

We believe that learning through travel is an enriching, life-changing experience, and we combine our talents to provide engaging cultural opportunities to our travelers and students.