• 2017: The Year in Review

    December 21st

    The Year-in-Review

    Each year, I have the pleasure of writing our “Year in Review” post! Before we turn the calendar page to a new year, here is a quick recap of ATA’s fast-paced 2017!

    ATA in the World

    At ATA, we design theme-based travel experiences that go beyond destination, and get travelers past the guidebooks. For example, we arrange cooking classes with talented chefs, studio visits with local artists, or rehearsal visits with choir directors. We also celebrate the everyday experiences that animate local life—shopping in markets, riding public transportation, or sharing a meal with a family in their home. The new themes we explored in 2017—Yoga in India, Music in Mongolia, Porcelain in Germany, Art Collections in Scandinavia, and Jewish Cooking in France—took their place alongside some of our enduring favorites, including D-Day, Oxford, New York City Theater, Science at CERN, and Cooking in Sicily.

    New Relationships


    It was our utmost pleasure to serve several new partners this year: The Daughters of the American Revolution, Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, National Museum of American History, The Philadelphia Orchestra, The American Institute of Architects, and The Ogden Museum of Southern Art. We also helped The Los Angeles Times launch its new travel program, the Los Angeles Times Expeditions! Our Reservations Center welcomed Martin Randall Travel, a prestigious, UK-based tour company, and Pandaw Cruises, an innovative cruise company, to its roster of companies for whom we provide high-touch, pre-trip service.

    News From Our Divisions

    CET ‘s rapid expansion continued in 2017! An exciting series of pre-college programs for high school students was launched this year, in addition to a new strategic partnership with Howard University. Professionals Abroad delegates again flocked to Cuba, where meaningful exchange among surgeons, professionals, gerontologists and scientists deeply impacted all who participated.

    Our Incredible Team

    We welcomed a great group of new team members in every part of the company this year; they are dedicated, enthusiastic, and hard-working!

    New ATA Staff Members

    New CET Staff Members











    • Left Photo, New ATA Staff Members:
      • Top left, Danielle Harrison- Program Manager
      • Top right, Grace Soriano- Guest Services Advisor
      • Bottom left, Marie Freeman- Reservations Specialist
      • Bottom right, Alyza Wiener- Program Assitant
    • Right Photo, New CET Staff Members:
      • Top left, Laurie Black- Director, High School Division, CET
      • Top right, Tess Cannon- High School/Pre-College Manager
      • Bottom left, Colleen O’Connor- Program Manager
      • Middle, Joseph Kennedy- Campus Relations Coordinator
      • Bottom right, Kelly Newman- Student Services Coordinator


    We are also experiencing the largest “baby boom” the company has ever had: four babies were born this year, and four are on the way! Our new mothers and fathers are taking advantage of ATA’s eight weeks of paid parental leave as they adjust to their new roles!

    Giving Back


    One of the pillars of ATA’s mission is to “contribute meaningfully to our world, our field and our community.” Many staff and colleagues increased access to study abroad by supporting the important work of the Fund for Education Abroad. A group of staff flew to Toronto with Tourism Cares to work at The Black Creek Community Farm. We also lobbied our Congressional representatives on the critical issues facing us, such as National Parks fees, the visa waiver program, airport modernization, and expanding opportunities to travel to Cuba.

    Our Thanks and Gratitude 

    We are so grateful for the travelers who count on us to enrich their lives through innovative, educational trips; for the colleges and universities who entrust us to shape their students into global problem-solvers, and to the professional associations who ask us to help advance research across borders.


    Our best wishes for a wonderful holiday season.



    PS: We shot a new video this year. Our goal was to “tell the whole story,” as ATA’s identity is complex. We hope you enjoy it.