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Academic Travel Abroad is a premiere travel company and tour operator established in 1950, specializing in unique educational experiences at home and abroad for groups and organizations seeking to add educational travel opportunities to their offerings.

We appreciate that there is always more to learn when you travel, even in the most tried and true, popular destinations. In addition to our explorations of lesser-known corners of the globe, we have honed the art of putting a new spin on familiar treasures.

Let the world inspire you! Browse our educational travel destinations and see what life-enriching experiences you could encounter while traveling with Academic Travel Abroad.

Our History
More than 50 years in the travel industry have given us a broad perspective of the world. In 1947, when more Americans wanted to start traveling abroad after World War II, ATA pioneered programs throughout Europe, from Norway to Portugal. In 1956, Academic Travel Abroad opened the doors to cultural and educational travel in the former USSR, and soon thereafter in China. For more than a half century, we have continued to offer innovative programs to new and favorite destinations to help travelers delve beyond the surface of these treasured places to explore the hidden riches unique to each.

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Made in Italy

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Italy has long been a trendsetter in fashion and automobile design. When you add architecture, furniture, and interior spaces to the already rich creative tableau, you have the hottest, most sought-after design in the world. “Made in Italy” is not just a label, but a statement of where function meets fine art…

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70th Anniversary of D-Day

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Yale Educational Travel 70th Anniversary of D-Day May 30 – June 8, 2014 | On the evening of June 5th, 1944, thousands of young men embarked upon a perilous journey taking them from the cold waters of England, across the English Channel, to the fog-covered beaches of Normandy. Retrace their valiant steps, beginning with the preparation operations in London and Portsmouth…

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